Peace, one and all…

‘The Master said: ‘It is good if you are helpless all the time and at every moment, and see yourself as helpless in the state of capacity just as in the state of incapacity.  For above your capacity, there is a greater Capacity, and you are vanquished to God’s will in every state.  You are not divided into two halves, now capable and now helpless.  Pay regard to His Capacity, and know yourself to be helpless always, without hand and foot, poor and utterly incapable.  What indeed is the plight of feeble man, seeing that lions and tigers and crocodiles, all are helpless and tremble before Him?  The heavens and the earths likewise are helpless and subject to His decree.

He is a mighty Emperor.  His Light is not as the light of the moon and the sun, in the presence of which a thing abides in its place.  When His Light shines forth unveiled, neither heaven remains nor earth, nor sun nor moon; nothing remains but the King’
(Mevlana, Fihi ma Fihi 3)