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This page came about because I undertook a Muslim Chaplaincy training course at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education back in 2007. I am still interested in chaplaincy, or as I have come to understand it, the practical application of my own islam.  As such, this page offers links to a very wide range of chaplaincy related websites.  May it be of benefit.

Muslim Organisations

Research into Muslim Chaplaincy

Muslim Chaplains’ Blogs

UK Chaplaincy Organisations

Higher Education Chaplaincies

The links in this section will take you to the home pages of the various university chaplaincies of the UK and Ireland.

Overseas Chaplaincy Organisations

Christian Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy in Other Faith Traditions

Relevant UK Government Departments

Other Useful Organisations

20 thoughts on “Chaplaincy

  1. Salaam ‘alaykum,

    As someone who has been in and out of hospitals for years I’ve noticed the dearth of Muslim chaplains and wondered about it.

    Thanks for these resources!


  2. Salaams Baraka,

    You are more than welcome. There has indeed been a dearth of Muslim chaplains across the board. Now, al hamdu lillah, this is beginning to be redressed.


    Abdur Rahman

  3. Salaams Abdur Rahman:

    Masha Allah, what a beautiful site you have! May Allah (swt) reward you for these links.

    As you know, I have recently been hired as a Muslim chaplain in a women’s prison in the USA. I look forward, Insha Allah, to sharing information and learning from you.

    One question: do you know where “ablution packs” for Muslim hospital patients can be obtained? My friend is doing an internship in a hospital and asked me.

    Ma Salaama

  4. Salaams Safiyyah,

    Welcome. Ahlan wa sahlan!

    Thank you for your compliments. All that is right and true comes from Allah. Only the mistakes are mine. God bless you always and in everything you do.

    I’m a university chaplain and so I don’t really have that much information on hospital matters. I will try to get some information for you, insha Allah. What do you mean by an ablution pack exactly?

    Salaams to you and yours

    Abdur Rahman

  5. As Salaamu Alaikum Abdur Rahman:

    My friend said that their purpose is for dry ablution, i.e., tayamun, for patients who cannot use water for whatever reason. I suppose she could make them up herself if necessary, with clean sand, but someone told her that they are available, already made up. Maybe it is something special, i.e., sterilized, for the hospital patient to reduce infection, etc.

    I tried an Internet search, but they must be called something other than “ablution packs” lol.

    I know she has a little “package” made up for new patients, i.e., a hijab for the sisters, small Quran, literature, etc. She is often beeped from the emergency room. This amenities often suffice until the family can bring proper items, etc.

    May Allah (swt) reward you for trying.


  6. Wa alaikum salaam Safiyyah

    Ahh…I see what you mean now! 🙂

    I suppose there might be something like this available, though as I said, I’ll try to find out for you, insha Allah.

    It is a very good idea to keep such things handy. The small practicalities can mean alot to someone in real need, and (in the case of a hospital patient) often vulnerable.

    I’m interested to find out what brought you to chaplaincy? For me, it was a growing sense of the need to apply the little I have learned for the benefit of others.

    Ma’as salama

    Abdur Rahman

  7. toria Infirmary GlasgowDear brother Abdur Rahman
    Asslamo Alaikum

    Sister Safiyyah asked about dry ablution pack.I have seen this in Saudia in one of the hospitals during my Hajj last year.If you know any one in Saudia ask them to send some packs or may be Saudi Embassy can help in this matter.

    M Ishaq

    Muslim chaplain

    Victoria Infirmary Glasgow

  8. as slaama! Thanx for the linx! So far my own research results are the MIHE and the Hartford Seminary where one can find courses to become a muslim chaplain. If there are other place I would like to get information about them.

    I am from Germany and a member of the Christian-Muslim Society (CIG). We have a working group that is setting up a curriculum aiming at starting a training program for police, fire brigade and the like in the field of muslim chaplaincy in order to make these people sensitive for muslim feelings. If anybody has knowledge of such courses or curriculums please send me the information.

    fi amaan
    Abdul Hadi

  9. Salaams Abdul Hadi,

    Welcome to my online home. Allah bless you always. You can contact MIHE directly. I am sure they would be very helpful.

    If I can help with anything, let me know.

    Abdur Rahman

  10. You visited my blog a copuple of years ago, soon after I started it. Now I’d like to invite you to join an interreligious discussion forum. I think chalains in educational institutions might find such things useful, and also might be in a better position to contribute.

  11. Are you a chaplain (full time, part time or informal; lay or ordained; paid or voluntary)?

    Is this an area of ministry to which you feel called towards?

    If yes, this conference organised by chaplains for chaplains is for you!

    The annual multi-faith inter-diisciplinary chaplaincy conference takes place on 17th May between 1000hrs and 1530hrs at Trinity United Reform Church, Norwich. The event is organised by Good Work workplace chaplaincy team, Norfolk and Waveney Churches Together in Norfolk and Waveney and Diocese of Norwich Social and Community Concerns Forum.

    Introduced by the Bishop of Norwich, we are fortunate to have some very highly regarded speakers-Professor Paul Ballard (theological educator and writer on issues relating to practical theology in general and chaplaincy in particular), Fiyaz Mughal (Director of Faith Matters), Jenny Kartupelis (East of England Faiths Council), David Capey (East of England Faiths Agency) and David Grimwood (Faith to Engage). There will also be time for networking and sharing over lunch.

    Please see attached programme and information.

    With best wishes

    The Rev’d Simon Wilson
    County Ecumenical Officer, Norfolk and Waveney
    Social and Community Concerns Co-ordinator, Diocese of Norwich

    The Rectory, Guist Road, Foulsham, Norfolk. NR20 5RZ. 01362 683275

  12. Salaam,

    I came across your site just now, I just wanted your thoughts on how you feel in terms of counselling in the chaplaincy arena in particular ? islamic counselling

    We have trained/worked with some of the organisations you have mentioned FOSIS, AMCED, Muslim Youth Helpline, ISSA Wales and provided training for Chaplaincy and if you are looking for accredited courses than find click here islamic counselling

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