Sources & Further Reading

Peace, one and all…


As even a casual internet search will reveal, there are many books on the poetry, teaching and ideas of Mevlana Rumi.  A full accounting would run to many pages of text, and so, my purpose here is to list those books I have found personally useful.  It’s not meant to be an exhaustive list, and I will strive to update it as need arises, insha Allah.

Primary Scriptural Sources: Quran, Hadith & The Bible

I make use of a wide range of different translations of key scriptural resources.  Here are some of the most important.

Primary Sources: Masnavi, Ghazaliyyat & Rubaiyyat Texts

Primary Sources: Sermons, Letters & Other Sources

Biographical Information

Commentarial Literature

Exploring Mevlana’s Teachings & Mevlevi Spirituality

The Names of God & Sufi Psychology

Journals & Magazines