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Welcome to the Resources section of Abdur Rahman’s Corner. Here you will find links to all sorts of hopefully useful material. I’ve grouped the material in sections, with each section having its own separate page. May it be of benefit.

Ask olsun! May love increase!


5 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Hello, I’m glad to have found your website. I’m recently converted Sufi in the US and I was thinking about where to go to graduate school, and I only want to go where I can practice Sufism with others. I understand there aren’t many places in the US for that, so I was wondering if I can get more information about Sufi groups in London. Also, what are the differences and similarities between Sufism and Islam? Do you have any good websites on this subject? I hope to hear from you, and thanks very much for your time 🙂

  2. Peace Ellen,

    Welcome to my online home. Thank you for dropping by. As far as I understand things, there are quite a number of Sufi groups in the US, with a range of different ideas and practices. There is a similar diversity her in the UK. There are a number of Sufi groups who have a strong connection with more mainstream Islam. There are also other groups with less of a connection to mainstream Islam. At the top of my blog there should be a page entitled ‘Sufi links’. I’ve gathered a range of links there, which you may find helpful.

    The differences and similarities between Islam and Sufism is rather a large question… Broadly speaking, Sufism emerged during the early medieval period as a movement within Islam, that sought to explore the inner terrain of faith in a Muslim setting. Generally, through history, most Sufis have identified themselves as Muslims. In the modern world, there are a number who see things differently. In terms of key practices, most Sufi groups perform the Muslim daily prayers (salat), fast during Ramadan, make pilgrimage to Mecca and so on. Reading and reflecting on the Quran, the Islamic scripture, is also an important practice for both Sufis and Muslims. There are some distinctively Sufi practices, however, such as zikr/remembrance. Though zikr is, of course, found in mainstream Islam, this practice is very much emphasised in Sufi tradition.

    I hope this is helpful. Do let me know if I can be of any further help.

    Welcome again,

    Abdur Rahman

  3. Salams and greetings to you Abu Kumayl,

    Welcome to my online home. It is good to meet you. Thank you for your suggestion. I will add a link to Shaykh Frager’s page as soon as I get a spare moment or two, insha Allah.

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