That You May Be Delivered From Your Own Contrivance

Peace, one and all…

Some much needed advice from beloved Mevlana:

Do not weave plots in vain imagination and cunning;
for the Self-sufficient One does not give way to the contriver.
Contrive, in the way of one who serves God well,
that you may gain the position of a prophet in a religious community.
Contrive that you may be delivered from your own contrivance;
contrive that you may become detached from the body.
Contrive that you may become the meanest slave:
if you enter into meanness, you will become lordly.
Never, O old wolf, practise foxiness
and perform service with the purpose of lordship;
But rush into the fire like a moth:
do not hoard up that, play for love!
Renounce power and adopt piteous supplication:
mercy comes towards piteous supplication, O dervish.
The piteous supplication of one sorely distressed and athirst is real;
the piteous cold supplication of falsehood is proper to the miscreant.
The weeping of Joseph’s brethren is a trick,
for their hearts are full of envy and infirmity.

Masmavi 5.468-476

One thought on “That You May Be Delivered From Your Own Contrivance

  1. Peace be upon you…Thank you Abdur Rahman for a most timely reminder, may peace and blessings be upon you & your family and company, this message was just what I needed to read at this juncture, thank you for your kind consideration, may Allah Most Kind Compassionate and Most Merciful reward you, peace be upon you from annaiza aka Layla

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