Resonance, Gratitude and Remembrance: A Recent Sohbet

Peace, one and all…

Here is the text of a recent sohbet, on the broad theme of resonance, gratitude and remembrance. Specifically, how gratitude and remembrance open us, allowing us to resonate more deeply with reality.

May the hearts of the lovers be opened.

‘Remember that He promised, “If you are thankful, I will increase you’
Quran 14:7

‘So remember Me; I remember you. Be thankful to Me, and do not deny’
Quran 2:152

‘Allahu akbar (God is greater) means that God is greater than that which you have imagined. It means don’t stop there, come closer so that you see greatness. Seek so that you may find’
Shams-e Tebriz, Maqalat 655

‘’God is great’ expresses this: Raise your thoughts above the imaginings that come to you and your conceptions. Raise your sights higher, for He is greater than all those images. Though the image be of the Prophet and the Messenger and the One Endowed with Constancy, He is greater than that’
Shams-e Tebriz, Maqalat 648

‘What is the pre-eternal world to you? Figure out your own pre-eternalness – are you pre-existent or contingent? Spend what life is given to you in investigation of your own state. Why spend it in figuring out what in the world is pre-eternal? The knowledge of God is deep. You fool, you are deep. If there is depth, it is in you’.
Shams-e Tebriz, Maqalat 221

‘If you have the illumination and passion to desire death, congratulations and God’s blessing upon you. Do not forget us in your prayers. And if you lack this light and passion, then strive and seek to attain it, for the Quran informs us that if you seek it out, you will attain such a state. So seek, ‘Desire death if you are faithful and righteous’ [Quran 2:94]. Just as it is the righteous and faithful among men who seek out death, so it is the righteous and faithful among women’
Shams-e Tebriz, Maqalat 87

‘What’s a shaykh? Being. What’s a disciple? Non-existence. Until a disciple ceases to exist, he is not a disciple’
Shams-e Tebriz, Maqalat 739

‘The claim of the prophets is this: ‘O outward stranger, you are part of me, why are you heedless of me? O Part, come! Do not be heedless of the whole. Become aware and come to know me’
Shams-e Tebriz, Maqalat 162

I speak of plural souls in name alone –
One soul becomes one hundred in their frames;
Just as God’s single sun in heaven
shines on earth and lights a hundred walls
But all these beams of light return to one
if you remove the walls that block the sun
The walls of houses do not stand forever
and believers, then, will be as but one soul
Masnavi 4.415-418

A man in love, no matter what he says
the smell of love wafts love-ward from his mouth
He speaks of jurisprudence, what emerges?
From mystic poverty, a sweet effulgence.
He blasphemes, the scent of faith arises.
He offers doubts, no doubt we grow more sure.
Masnavi 1.2880-2882

I met last night in stealth with Wisdom’s elder
begged him to divulge in full life’s secrets
This he softly, softly whispered in my ear:
It must be seen, it can’t be told so hush!
Mevlana, Quatrain

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