God Himself is the Reward

Peace, one and all…

For lovers He is joy and sorrow;
He is their wages and hire for service.
If there be any spectacle except the Beloved,
it is not love: it is an idle passion.
Love is that flame which, when it blazes up,
consumes everything else but the Beloved.
He drives home the sword of Not in order to kill all other than God:
thereupon consider what remains after Not.
There remains except God: all the rest is gone.
Hail, O mighty Love, destroyer of polytheism!
Truly, He is the First and the Last: do not regard polytheism
as arising from aught except the eye that sees double.
Oh, wonderful! Is there any beauty but from the reflection of Him?
The body has no movement but from the spirit.
The body that has defect in its spirit
will never become sweet, if you smear it with honey.

Masnavi 5.586-593

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