Ramadan Nights: Bektaşi Nefesleri – Aşk Olsun Meydan Görene

Peace, one and all…

As this beautiful poem by Muhittin Abdal reminds us, this path is ultimately a matter of surrendering the heart.

May the hearts of the lovers be opened.

Greetings to those who come from afar;
who take this noble path of ours.
Ecstatic lovers and followers of the heart –
Those who know the Truth, Bravo!

You commanded it to BE – and suddenly it was.
The whole universe surrendered to You.
Leaders of men and those lost were conquered.
A peace comes over those who serve You.

Walk a straight line, never looking aside –
for those who stick to the path don’t fade away.
The Divine One pardons and forgives those
who only serve Reality.

Come down from those lofty heights;
Don’t be ashamed – find the lowest patch of dirt;
Feed the hungry, water those who thirst,
pay off your debt to those who serve what’s true.

Do not feed the wild stallion or anger and wrath.
it’ll end in growing darkness of the heart;
Stamp out the hungry hounds of the nafs
so your precious body doesn’t suffer wounds.

Muhittin Abdal, let there be love between us;
May outsiders never overhear these secrets.
The ignorant would certainly become addicts
if they got one taste of this precious fruit.

Muhittin Abdal, trans. Latif Bolat & Jennifer Ferraro.

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