No One Who Dies…

Peace, one and all…

Hence the wise Prophet has said
that no one who dies and dismounts from the body
Feels grief on account of departure and death,
but grieves because of having failed and missed his opportunities.
In sooth every one that dies
wishes that the departure to his destination had been earlier:
If he be wicked, in order that his wickedness might have been less;
and if devout, in order that he might have come home sooner.
The wicked man says, ‘I have been heedless,
moment by moment I have been adding to the veil.
If my passing had taken place sooner,
this screen and veil of mine would have been less.’
Do not in covetousness rend the face of contentment,
and do not in pride rend the visage of humility.
Likewise do not in avarice rend the face of munificence,
and in devilishness the beauteous countenance of worship.
Do not tear out those feathers which are an ornament to Paradise:
do not tear out those feathers which traverse the Way.”

Masnavi 5.604 – 612

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