Bow and Prostrate and Worship

Peace, one and all…

In his Quranic commentary, Kashf al-Asrar, Rashid al-Din al-Maybudi offers us the following reflections on this Quranic verse:

‘O you who have faith, bow and prostrate and worship your Lord!’ (Quran 22:77)

‘In respect of understanding, the Pir of the Tariqah said in the tongue of allusion, “He commanded the faithful to bowing and prostrating. In saying ‘and worship your Lord,’ He means ‘Put up with trials in the religion and this world since God has placed you among the folk of service and provided you with the sweetness of the taste of being chosen by Him.’” He is saying, “If the trials of the passing days and the tribulation of this world are made into a draft and placed in the hand of your incapacity, do not make a sour face. Carry the load of tribulation with spirit and heart. Drink the draft in gratitude for the fact that He has commanded you to His service and kept you in the presence of prayer and the station of secret whispering.” Take care not to lay favours on Him with your obedience and worship. Know that in reality, all the acts of obedience and worship, the good deeds and words, of Adam’s children from the beginning of existence to the end of the era, placed next to the divine perfection and beauty, are nothing but the noise of an old woman’s spindle. Had He in His generosity and bounty not invited this handful of dust to the threshold of His eternity and, with His gentleness, spread out the carpet of bold expansiveness in the house of guidance, how could this woebegone of existence, this speck of impure dust, have the gall to take a step on the edge of the carpet of kings? What is suited for dust is to say with the attribute of brokenness and the tongue of incapacity and poverty, “We have come to shame at our own existence, we’ve encountered stone because of the decree. On the surface of the rug of misfortune, our black days have come in place of colour.”’

Kashf al-Asrar


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