We Will Not Be Deprived

Peace, one and all…

Beloved Imam Ali (as) said:

‘A man who is blessed with repentance will not be deprived of its acceptance, and a man who is blessed with seeking forgiveness will not be deprived of forgiveness’.

(The Scale of Wisdom, 983)

In moments of clarity, when we look back over the course of our lives, we can all find moments where we acted poorly. No one is free from faults, no heart is free from mistakes. We all have things we are ashamed of, and things we feel we need to put right. Our guilt and sorrow are messengers from God, urging us to turn to Him, urging us to enter into His presence through the Gate of Repentance. Sincere repentance is all that is required: sorrow and a desire to put things right are all that the Divine wants from us. Take one step towards God, and God will take ten steps towards us. Take a single step on the road of tawba and God will guide us to it destinaton, to an inward restoration to wholeness.

May our hearts turn to God in truth. May our forgiveness-seeking be sincere. May we be forgiving. May we be forgiven.

Ask olsun! May love increase!

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