Seeing Beyond Appearances: A Recent Sohbet

Peace, one and all…

Here is the text of a recent sohbet. The theme of this sohbet was seeing beyond appearances. It led on from last week’s exploration of death. Death causes us to look at what is most important, most fundamental, to ourselves. Reflecting on death causes us to reflect more fully upon life, and this in turn causes us to think more deeply within the silent spaces of our souls of what is most important. Death is thus a refinement of vision, of our ability to see.

May the hearts of the lovers be opened.

‘O you who have attained to faith! Remain conscious of God; and let every soul look to what he or she has prepared for the day to come! And remain conscious of God: for God is well aware of all that you do’
Quran 59:18, The Mevlevi Daily Wird

‘Insight has come to you from your Lord. So whosoever sees clearly, it is for the benefit of his own soul. And whosoever is blind, it is to its detriment…’
Quran 6:104 (The Study Quran)

‘A person is blind who sees the mighty and glorious Lord through things, but does not see things through the Lord. A person who can see is one who knows that his glance falls on created things through the mighty and glorious Lord.’
Abu Hafs al-Haddad, Attar’s Memorials of the Saints

Dervish, go take off the garb of appearance,
So that you do not surrender to the outward form.
Throw the old mat of poverty on your shoulder
And beat the drum of kingship beneath the mat.
Salman Savaji

Comfortable is the man who freed himself from appearances.
Troubled is the one who attached his heart to appearances.
What is an appearance? Anything but God in your heart
Shall make your heart like a fish on a hook.
Modarres Rafsanjani.

Unless a man becomes totally non-existent,
he will not actually realise tawhid.
Tawhid is not that you and God become one, but your non-exsitence.
No falsehood can become a truth by boasting.

When the dust of ‘I’ and ‘we’ went out of sight,
That sole-rider appeared all at once.
That is, we became non-existent and saw everywhere.
It is God that exists, God that exists, God!
Saghir Isfahani

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