Let the ones who have faith know

Peace, one and all…

In his beautiful book, The Secret of Secrets, beloved Hazret Abdul Qadir al-Jilani said the following:

‘Let the ones who have faith know and be thankful that all the good they do is not from them but through them. Success comes from the Creator. When they err, let them know that their mistakes and their sins belong to them, that they may repent. Wrong comes from the unjustified ambitions of their egos’.

The Secret of Secrets, Chapter 11

I find this passage very comforting. Firstly, as I am finding in the context of my own life, it is vitally important to understand why and how my unhelpful behaviours manifest themselves. Secondly, remembering that my wrongdoings are my own is the only way I have found of remaining relatively sane and normal. Thirdly, that our good actions come through us and not from us suggest so many beautiful things. At our best, we can be channels of divine grace. We can be like fountains, sharing the life-giving water that is given to us. His love is purposeful and causative: we are because He loves us. When we act with beauty and goodness, we are partaking deeply of the Life that is all around us. It also makes me realise that He is always there, He is always with me. He allows me to make mistakes that I might repent for them, and draw closer to Him. He allows me to do some good, that I might not lose hope. And in this place of creative tension, the story of my life unfolds!

Ask olsun! May love increase!

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