Peace, one and all…


Everyone who is awake is familiar with reports about You.
And everyone who is asleep is sleeping in the arms of Your kindness.
That which is visible and hidden is nothing but You,
Yet from fear of You, I don’t dare to say more than this.

Mevlana, Quatrain no. 1557

4 thoughts on “Everyone…

  1. I like the pink camellia, in your london garden maybe ?
    ……That which is visible is nothing but You ……

    Nice to camp at Gaunts House under the moon and jupiter with you,
    I’m now away for a 2 weeks to portugal for a holiday with the family.

  2. It was lovely to meet and spend time with you. The pink flowers aren’t in my own garden, unfortunately, but in a church in Wanstead. I just loved them (though I know almost nothing about flowers)

    Enjoy the holiday. I look forward to connecting with you.


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