The Essence of Religion

Peace, one and all…

A beautiful poem, one that stirs my soul. Enjoy and may it be of benefit.

In the Name of God, the All-Merciful, the All-Compassionate:

If you want to discover the essence of Religion,
follow these principles and convictions:

First, put your faith in God
Who is Unique, invisible, without equal or associate,
Who is, without birth or death:
that is enough to define Him with certainty.

Second, consider every creature as good, whatever it may be,
for no being is created bad.
If someone does wrong, it is their action that is bad.
Your duty is to struggle to keep from performing such actions.
And as for the people of good, whoever they are and whatever their rank,
you consider them as they are known to be.

Third, in every time and every place,
put into practice for yourself and towards others
what those who are wise consider to be good
and what engenders harmony and peace for human beings,
what is based on Right and Truth;
and avoid everything that is contrary to that.

Beyond that, whatever creed you may choose, if it is not contrary
to these principles, is allowed to you,
but on condition that you faithfully apply its commandments.

Nur Ali searched and discovered that
which is in truth the essence of the religions.

Nur Ali Elahi, quoted in The Path of Perfection

4 thoughts on “The Essence of Religion

  1. Wise and lovely poem. It is hardest to be without judgement. Not everyone wants to let go of their limited ideology but, I guess we must remember that they serve as opportunities for us to exercise compassion, even if that means some straight talking. What a burden all those “shoulds” and “oughts” are. The self-inflicted pain and suffering humanity causes must be why angels weep…

  2. This text is expressing profound truths in simple language.

    I’ve tried to search for more but couln’t find it in the reference you provide (i.e. The Path of Perfection).

    So I’ve looked up online and found this:

    The Quintessence of Religions
    If the essence of Religion is what you seek
    Then embrace these principles and beliefs

    First, place your faith in that One
    Peerless and unique, visible to none
    Without associate, birth, or mortality
    That suffices to define Him with certainty

    Second, consider every being in every time as good
    For at its origin none is evil or malevolent
    It’s not the agent but the act from which evil is conceived
    Strive, in short, to combat such deeds
    As for those deemed good in any rank or capacity
    You must respect them as they are known to be

    Third, in every time and in every place
    The good that the wise contemplate
    That engenders order and peace in society
    And that emanates from what is Right
    Practice toward yourself and others
    And avoid all that is contrary to it

    Beyond that, any faith that you should choose
    That does not contradict these principles
    Shall be acceptable provided that you apply
    With conviction the precepts to which you adhere
    Nur Ali researched and found this to be
    The quintessence of religions most certainly

    Yet it’s not exactly the same translation.
    Where did you find yours ?

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