Hakim al-Tirmidhi on Repentance

Peace, one and all…


A beautiful and evocative exploration of tawba, or repentance, by Hakim al-Tirmidhi. I am especially struck by his focus on vision, on seeing. May it be of benefit to all who pass by…

‘God has devotees whom He looks upon with His mercy and graces with the gift of repentance. He opens the eyes of their hearts and shows them the ugliness of sin so that they behold the evil of how they have acted in respect of Him.  There is also unveiled to them its outcome, the final destination of the sinful, that they might exert their utmost efforts to avoid it.  Then does God strengthen their resolve and support them with His accord (tawfiqihi). Each time they rid themselves of a sin, their hearts become cleansed of the dark spot that sin had made, even as the Messenger of God (as) said, ‘When a man sins, a black spot forms upon his heart, but if he repents and rids himself of the sin, his heart is polished clean’. Thus do they proceed until they gain firm footing at the door of repentance by purifying themselves of all the sins they were committing, making amends for what they had done in days past, and following [their repentance] by whatever corrections they can. They return what is due to any they have wronged, seek reconciliation, and strive to make up and complete whatever of the obligatory worship they had missed until they have achieved an amount that their hearts are no longer disturbed by anything past or anything they are presently doing which might remove them from what God has enjoined upon them to the extent they are able. It is then that they may truly be called repentant (tawwab) and reverent (muttaqi). This is the lowest of the stations of those who aspire to God and are traveling toward Him.’

Hakim al-Tirmidhi, Manazil al-Ubbad min al-Ibada


Ask olsun! May love increase!

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