A Prayer From the Evrad-i Serif

Peace, one and all…


My wife and I made a number of videos during the course of our recent summer trip to Pakistan.  This video records a short selection from the Mevlevi Daily Wird, or Evrad-i Serif.

Ask olsun! May love increase!



4 thoughts on “A Prayer From the Evrad-i Serif

  1. Is the Mevlevi order still operation as an actual tarīqah? I ask because I’ve been looking into and considering the orders typically followed by Hanafī scholarship (Mevlevi and Naqshbandi). So, just curious… thanks!

  2. Salam Abu Talhah,

    In short, yes! The Mevlevi tariqah is still very much in operation. Its centre is, of course, Turkey but there are many branches in the world at large. I am a poor student and lover of Mevlana through Shaykh Kabir Helminski and Shaykha Camille Helminski, who are based in the US. There are many other beloved Mevlevi shaykhs however.

    Here are some links for you.

    Shaykh Kabir Effendi and Shaykha Camille Helminski Effendi:
    We have a number of groups in the UK, the largest of which is based in London (which I personally attend). All are welcome.

    Shaykh Ibrahim Gamard

    Semazen.net, run by the family of Mevlana

    Mevlevi Order of America


    I hope this helps. Do let me know if you need any further information.

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