What Does God Do With His Servant?

Peace, one and all…


In a beautiful passage, the Quran tells us that every grace we receive, every good thing we possess, comes to us from God:

‘Whatever grace you have, it is from God. Then when misfortune befalls you, to Him you cry for help’ (Quran 16:53)

When misfortune strikes, there is no other who can help, there is no other source of aid or succor.  In responding to a question on this verse, Sahl ibn Abdullah al-Tustari offered this these words:

Sahl was asked: ‘What does God do with His servant when He loves him?’ He said:
He inspires him to seek forgiveness for his shortcomings and show gratitude for blessings he has received. Truly, they desired with a [wholehearted] intention that they should come to know of the blessings that God, Exalted is He, had bestowed on them, that [their state of] gratitude might endure, and the increase [resulting from that gratitude] might continue’.

Tafsir al-Tustari 16:53



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