Cengiz Özkan: Ben Gidersem Sazım Sen Kal Dünyada

Peace, one and all…


Cengiz Ozkan’s beautiful rendition of ben gidersem sazım sen kal dünyada, a nefes originally written by Asik Veysel.  An English translation is given below, and is taken from Latif Bolat’s excellent Quarreling with God.  May it be a blessing to all who pass by.

Lyrics: O My Saz

When I die, o my saz, you must stay in this world.
but I pray, do not reveal my secrets.
May your tongue stayed closed up like a seal.
Don’t cry out like the forlorn nightingale!

I told you all my secret sorrows.
I struggled and added my voice to yours.
I nurtured you like a baby in my arms.
Remember my goodness, and don’t forget me, please!

When you were a mulberry tree,
in your branches, were there nightingales?
From which bird did you get this voice of yours?
Tell me the truth – don’t deny your tutors.

You were the one with whom I shared my pain.
When I laughed or cried you did the same.
Did you receive these words from the sacred Crane?
Don’t strum with your claw and make the bronze strings moan!

When the months and years drag in duress
Lean against the wall, put on a black dress.
Show the wounds of waiting in your face and flesh.
Let no one but the Beloved come to tend the mess.

You are the beehive and Veysel the bee.
We used to moan together and make honey.
I am a human and you a branch of mulberry –
I don’t forget my forbearers. Don’t you forget me!

Ask olsun! May love increase!


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