Muharram Reflections: Mevlana on Karbala

Peace, one and all…


A powerful ghazal of Mevlana, exploring the spiritual dimensions of Karbala.

‘Why do you sit there with your own thoughts?
If you are a man, go to the Beloved!

Do not say, ‘Perhaps He does not want me’.
What business has a thirsty man with such words?

Does the moth think about the flames?
For Love’s spirit, thinking is a disgrace.

When the warrior hears the sound of the drum
at once he is worth ten thousand men!

You have heard the drum, so draw your sword without delay!
Your spirit is the sheath of the all-conquering Dhu al-Fiqar!

You are Husayn at Karbala, think not of water!
The only ‘water’ you will see today is the sheath of the first water!

Mevlana Rumi, Kulliyyat 3656-62, trans. W.C. Chittick



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