Muharram Reflections: Imam Ali’s Testament to His Son (No. 2)

Peace, one and all…


In the longest passage of our text, Imam Ali (as) focuses on arrogance and related faults.

My son, know that whoever sees his own faults will be too occupied to see the faults of others. Whoever throws off the garment of consciousness has nothing to protect him. Whoever is content with God’s measure feels no sorrow over what has passed. Whoever wields the sword of covetousness is slain by it. Whoever digs a pit for his brother will fall in it himself.  Whoever exposes the privacy of others will have their own privacy violated.  Whoever forgets their own mistakes see the mistakes of others as great.  Whoever resists that which is decreed perishes and whoever goes beyond his capacity drowns.  Whoever admires his own opinion is misguided and whoever depends on his intellect falters.  Whoever thinks he is better than others is humiliated.  Whoever sits with the wise is dignified and whoever sits with the depraved is debased.  Whoever insults people injures himself and whoever associates with evil is accused.  Whoever jests is taken lightly and whoever does something frequently will be known by it.  Whoever speaks too much will be wrong too much and whoever is wrong too much will lose his modesty, and whoever loses his modesty loses his piety, and whoever loses his piety will have a dead heart, and whoever has a dead heart is in the Fire.

Ask olsun! May love increase!


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