Muharram Reflections: Imam Ali’s Testament to His Son (No. 1)

Peace, one and all…


At last night’s Threshold Society zikr/sohbet we explored some beautiful and poignant words of advice from Imam Ali (as). As I recall, these words come from Imam Ali’s testament to his son Imam Hussain (as), though I will attempt to track down the source more definitively. At any rate, I wanted to share these profound words over the coming days, and as God wills, offer some thoughts of my own on them.  I’m not sure of their original ordering, but I offer them here as they were offered to me.  May they be of benefit. May all who pass by be blessed.

My son, be ever conscious of God in both wealth and poverty. Be just whether you are content or upset. Be modest in wealth and poverty. Be fair with friend or foe. Exert effort whether you are vigorous or lazy. And be content with God in hardship and ease.

Ask olsun! May love increase!



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