Shams-i Tabriz on Contentment

Peace, one and all…


If a mystic gives his heart, he will receive love like those described in the Qur’an: People whom He loves and who love Him [5:54]. I have seen nothing more beautiful than humility. Be satisfied with what you have in your hands and have no expectation of what is in the hands of others. The glory of prophets is their prophethood; that of the wise, their humility; that of saints, their compassion; that of the poor, their contentment with little; that of the rich, their generosity; that of the worshippers of God, their solitude (khalvat). Keep your religion through generosity and good character. You cannot escape death nor can your portion flee from you.

O child of Adam, wealth is in contentment with little. There is security in solitude, freedom in the absence of desire, friendship in lack of envy, joy in patience. There is no glory for the greedy person, nor is there humiliation for the person who is content. The free man becomes a slave because of his immoderate desires, and the slave is freed through contentment.

Taken from Aflaki, Manaqib al-Arifin 526 IIIb


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