Every Kindly Act

Peace, one and all…


In a very beautiful tradition, the Prophet (as) is recorded to have said:

‘Every kindly act is considered charity’
The Scale of Wisdom 3527

These words are a beautiful reminder that the root of charity is kindness and compassion. Every time we do some small deed of goodness we are actually showing charity, embodying mercy, ‘for even a smile can be charity’ as we are taught.

As is explored elsewhere, simple charity can become transformed into a vision of truth itself.  The word rendered here as ‘charity’ is literally sadaqah, which derives from a root denoting truth and truthfulness.  We can see this more clearly when we explore the original Arabic form of the Prophet’s (as) words: kullu ma’rufin sadaqat. We might thus translate the inner sense of these words as ‘every kindly act is a testimony to truth’, the living truth of mercy and compassion. This is reinforced still further when we understand that ma`ruf (‘kindly act’, or ‘goodness’) is connected to the word for intimate heart-knowledge, or ma`rifah.  In other words, as I read these words in this moment, it becomes clear that each and every kindly act opens a window onto the Divine Reality, and is therefore a means of contemplation.  Every kind deed opens us to Truth, both the human truth of those in need, and the deeper, innate truth of Divine Mercy.  These words are a summons, and an invitation, to embody this mercy in every small moment of our lives.  We are invited here to the imitatio dei, to ennoble our humanity with the divine quality of compassion.

Each tiny particle of my existence, each passing moment, can lead to an encounter with the Divine. Every encounter contains the potential for transformation, for polishing the mirror of the heart that it might see ever more clearly.

May all who pass by be blessed with goodness. Kullu ma`rufin sadaqat.

And my last prayer is in praise of God, Sustainer of All Being.

Ask olsun! May love increase!



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