If I Were To Die Now…

Peace, one and all…


If I were to die now,
and pass out beyond
the circles of the world,
what would this life of mine
have amounted to?
What would I have done
worthy of remembrance?

I have known life,
and love and friendship.
I have loved and been loved,
been a son, a brother,
a husband and a father.
My eyes have beheld
the glory of the sunrise,
and the beauty of the night.
I have sat in the circle of lovers
and sang hymns
to the Beloved Source of All.

Ahh my heart,
your life has been blessed indeed.
Breathe and be thankful.
Be human,
and when your turn comes
pass on into eternity’s expanse unafraid.



4 thoughts on “If I Were To Die Now…

  1. Good morning, Abdur.

    Had I died twenty years ago my life would have amounted to very little, for I hadn’t done many things worthy of remembrance.
    It’s wonderful and correct to be thankful and to acknowledge that we have been blessed and singing hymns
    to the Beloved Source of All is a good thing, but the author of life challenges His creation to something far more challenging: Will we welcome Him to be LORD of our life?

    The vital question to ask ourself is: Shall we say say yes to the LORD being in charge of our life?

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Yes, it is wonderful to be able to give thanks for the many blessings we have received. My humble prayer is indeed to say, ‘Eyvallah’ or ‘Yes’. May God make it easy for us.

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