Like That Of The Light To The Sun

Peace, one and all…


Ali (may God ennoble his countenance) said, ‘I did not tear down the door of Khaybar by bodily force nor by strength resulting from food, but rather through strength that came to me from the Celestial Realm (malakut). My relation to Ahmad (Muhammad) is like that of light to the sun’.

Someone who sees himself as little value and little worth is gracious, a lover and delightful. However, a person who holds his own existence in high regard and who watches the roads carefully in order to protect himself is a person whose spirit is heavy and who is frozen and dead. But God knows best!
Aflaki, Manaqib al-Arifin 414g

The phrase ‘watches the roads carefully’ brought to mind the image of a highwayman. One who watches the roads carefully, always looking for offence and profit, is in many ways a robber, out to trick and trap those they come into contact with. Arrogance freezes us into a lifeless form, and freezes the heart – and carrying a huge block of ice around with us is tiring indeed! Poverty can help us realise that we are essentially light to God’s sun.

Ask olsun!



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