Seb-i Arus & the Sustainer of Humanity

Peace, one and all…


In Mevlevi tradition 17th December marks Seb-i Arus, or Mevlana’s ‘Wedding Night’ feast, the evening on which he returned to God.  Mevlevis celebrate it as a night of love and remembrance.  This year I was blessed to celebrate Seb-i Arus with a few beautiful dervish friends. We performed a powerful zikr, had a deep spiritual conversation (sohbet), sang songs in praise of the Prophet (as), Mevlana and all the holy ones (awliya, erenler), and prayed together.  This poor one was asked to lead the night prayer (Isha). During the second prayer cycle (rak’at) I felt moved to recite Surah al-Nas, (the Chapter of Humanity), the last chapter of the Quran and a powerful invocation of Divine protection against the whisperings of Satan, and the lower self.  As I performed my recitation, I felt overwhelmed by God’s deep overflowing love for us, as human beings.  ‘I am your Sustainer and Cherisher, I am your Ever-Watchful King, I am your Ever-Loving God. I will always protect you against those who seek to harm you. I am the power of that ignites the Sun, driving away all that is dark.  Take your place within Me. I am enough. I always have been. I always will be’ the Surah seemed to whisper within me.

His love and mercy is an ever-present reality, the living reality behind all realities.  I felt a deep sense of humility at having been allowed to witness this moment, however partially and briefly.  May it sustain this poor one in his struggle towards a true and living human being.  May there be love.

And my last prayer is in praise of God, Sustainer of all the worlds.

Here is a beautiful recitation of this surah, offered in love.


Ask olsun!
Abdur Rahman


3 thoughts on “Seb-i Arus & the Sustainer of Humanity

  1. Wow, I have known you through Threshold gatherings for some time but only just discovered this wonderful blog through Google! This is a mine of inspiration – thankyou so much for keeping it up! Jazakallah khair!


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