True Chivalry

Peace, one and all…


One of the most beautiful and most profound explanations of the true purpose of spiritual chivalry.

‘Therefore, the true Futuwwah is nothing more, but nothing less, than man’s effective realisation of his radical ontological indigence and, with the destruction of the illusory ego, the unveiling of that which is and always will be the Unique Reality…

Along the path that leads to this end, the fata must first learn not to love his ego, and that is why, in the course of his novitiate, the Sheikh teaches him to love others before himself, and God above all. But once the goal has been attained, he discovers that the secret of his apprenticeship is that he has no ego, and what he loved was but a dream. The idol has reverted to nothingness; both ‘self’ and ‘other’ cease to exist. For him, the trials of spiritual combat have bow become like the furnace of Abraham (Quran 21:69), ‘refreshment and peace’ (bardan wa salaman)’.

Michel Chodkiewicz, The Way of Sufi Chivalry, 21-22


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