This Game Of Nard

Peace, one and all…


You made this ‘I’ and ‘we’ with this intent,
That You should play the game of nard with You,

That all the I’s and You’s become one soul
And finally absorbed by the Beloved.

Masnavi 1.1797-1798


2 thoughts on “This Game Of Nard

  1. Hello Abdur,
    I discovered your blog today by making some researchs about Ibn Arabi, and what a wonderful find !
    Though I’m a russian orthodox, I relate so much to your posts, being myself very interested in all kind of spiritual paths. So it’s a true delight to find someone who shares the same interests here. I also noticed that you were linking a lot spirituality with music wich is also important to me. I even made a playlist “cosmic chill” about that feeling. I wonder, do you know artists such as Erykah Badu or Alice Coltrane? (since you’re familiar with Madlib, I think yes). These artists are bringing to me that feeling of spiritual connection.
    Blessings to you,


  2. Hey Daria

    Welcome to my online home. I hope you are well. Glad you like my site. Truly, anything good here comes from God. Only the mistakes are mine.

    I have loved music ever since I was a child, and it forms an important part of my spiritual life. The Mevlevi tradition makes great use of music in our spiritual ceremonies (whirling).

    I love all sorts of music. Yes, I know Erykah Badu’s music, and I am familiar with some of Coltrane’s work. I love jazz, soul, hip hop, and have a special place in my heart for the Funk!

    Thanks for getting in touch, and welcome once again….

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