Come To The House Of The Pir

Peace, one and all…


A tent is erected
where lovers are slowly cooked –
This stopping place for love addicts
is really a rose garden if you look.

Come to the house of the Pir,
where your inner being is made tender.
It is Love’s own fires lighting his burner.

The All-Knowing One lent His own brilliance
to the lover’s torch in generosity –
so that even on Judgement Day
that torch would shine and shine.

Hey wine-bearer,
now bring us some of that love-wine.

We will kiss the feet of those drunk with love.

But keep this secret:
what we really worship
is the Beloved’s beauty –
Even the ground has ears and can give us away.

Enter the heart of the believer
and bow down there in all directions –
Within one breast, how can you tell
which direction is east or west?

O Hilmi, let the dervish in you be poor and humble.
The Friend is a constant guest
in the houses of the poor.

Hilmi Dede Baba

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