Be Poor Unto God With Firm Resolution

Peace, one and all…


In the Quran, we read the following words:

‘And be upright as you have been commanded…’ (11:112)

In commenting on this passage, Imam Ja`far al-Sadiq (as) said:

‘Be poor unto God with firm resolution’ (Spiritual Gems).

To know God more fully, we must strive to empty ourselves, of our thoughts, our attachments and our desires.  Until we can achieve this we remain tied to this fleeting, sensory world.  We cannot truly know fullness until we are empty in Him.  As the Imam (as) says, this takes firm resolution and commitment.  This is not an easy thing to do, nor is it an easy state to maintain.  It takes many years of hard work to arrive at such a realisation.  To reach this beautiful valley, we need to search our way through many dead-ends.  As I reflect on this verse I begin to see that true poverty necessitates an emptying of all thought of ownership.  Not only must I relinquish all thoughts of owning property, I must also relinquish ownership of my acts.  I must let go of the notion that I do anything.  As the Quran tells us, He is the only one who truly acts:

‘And Allah has created you and what you do…’ (37:96)

O Merciful One! Empty me of all thought of me! Grant me the ability to follow You in all the days of my life.

And my last prayer is in praise of God, Lord of all the worlds.

Ask olsun!
Abdur Rahman



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