The Drink Sent Down…

Peace,  one and all…


In the Quran, we read the following words: ‘and their Lord gives them a purifying drink to drink’ (Quran 76:21).  (See Imam Ja`far al-Sadiq’s profound commentary on this verse). Sufi tradition has richly developed this metaphor.  In this post, I would like to share a beautiful song from Turkey, that speaks of this theme. Called Haktan gelen şerbeti içtik elhamdülillah, it is both beautiful and profound.  I also want to share an English language version/translation, called ‘The Drink Sent Down’.

Version 1: Latif Bolat

Version 2: Ihsan Guvercin

Haktan gelen şerbeti
İçtik elhamdülillah
şol kudret denizini
Geçtik elhamdülillah

Kuru idik yaş olduk
Ayak idik baş olduk
Havalandık kuş olduk
Uçtuk elhamdülillah

Vardığımız illere
şol sefa gönüllere
Halka Taptuk manisin
Saçtık elhamdülillah

Balım Sultan ilinden
şeker damlar dilinden
Dost bağının yolundan
Geçtik elhamdülillah

Beri gel barışalım
Yad isen bilişelim
Atımız eyerlendi
Eştik elhamdülillah

İndik Rum’u kışladık
Çok hayrı şer işledik
Üç bahar geldi geçti
Göçtük elhamdülillah

Dirildik pınar olduk
İrkildik ırmak olduk
Aktık denize dolduk
Aktık elhamdülillah

Taptuk’un tapusunda
Kul olduk kapısında
Yunus miskin çiğ idik
Piştik elhamdülillah

The drink sent down by unseen hands.
We drank our share, alhamdulillah!
The table set to welcome the guest,
has fed us too, alhamdulillah!

La illaha il’Allah, Allah
La illaha il’Allah
La illaha il’Allah, Allah
La illaha il’Allah

We once held tight and then let go.
We found our wings and flew together.
We made our peace among ourselves.
We disappeared, alhamdulillah!

We proudly wore our borrowed clothes
before we saw our naked secret.
We once were raw, without much taste.
We’re getting cooked, alhamdulillah!

One small drop, became a spring,
and now that spring is overflowing.
A clear stream floats into the sea,
and there we drown, alhamdulillah!

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