A Purifying Drink

Peace, one and all…


‘…and their Lord gives them a purifying drink to drink’ (Quran 76:21)

 In commenting on this verse, Imam Ja`far al-Sadiq (as) said:

‘He gives them the divine unity to drink in the inmost self, and they are totally lost to all other than Him.  They do not regain their senses except at the eye-to-eye seeing and the veil on that which is between them and Him is raised.  The drink is taken in what is taken from him [i.e. the drinker] and no remnant of him remains in it [i.e. in what is taken from him].  And he draws forth into the arena of blissful joy and the divine presence, and the divine clasp [of God’s embrace].’

He also said about His words, a purifying drink:

‘He purifies them, through the drink, of everything other than Him, since he is not pure who is contaminated by anything pertaining to beings’

(Spiritual Gems, 76:21)



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