This Way of Poverty

Peace, one and all…


This way of poverty is a way in which you attain all your hopes.  Whatever you may have longed for will certainly come to you on this way, whether it be the conquest of armies, victory over your enemies, capturing property and subjugating people, or superiority over one’s peers, or eloquence in speaking or writing, or anything else. When you have chosen the way of poverty, all these things will come to you.  Unlike other ways, no one who took this way has ever complained.  Out of a hundred thousand who took contrary ways and struggled along, maybe one did reach his goal.  And even that one was not completely satisfied, because every way has its own twists and turns long the path to the goal, and the goal can only be attained by means of those twists and turns.  That way is long, full of pitfalls and obstacles that arise because of those twists, which may end up blocking one’s arrival.

However, when you enter the world of poverty and practice it, God bestows kingdoms and worlds upon you that you could never have imagined.  You become embarrassed by what you had longed for before. ‘Oh,’ you cry, ‘How could I have sought such a mean thing when such a wondrous thing existed?’

Here, however, God Most High says, ‘Although now you no longer desire such a thing, and are now disdainful of it, yet it did once cross your mind. Yet you turned away from it for Our sake.  Our generosity is infinite, so of course, I will make that, also, easily attainable for you’

Mevlana, Fihi ma Fihi 39


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