Less Than A Dream Or A Breeze

Peace, one and all…


Put the world and its adornments
aside, the world which weighs
less than a dream or a breeze.

Do you expect it to be faithful?
It’s just waiting to run away.

Don’t wish for things
as brief as these,
things even the Sultan can’t hold on to.

We took our worries with us,
those imaginary companions,
when we could have been with the Friend.

Balance the books yourself,
before someone does it for you.

Kill your compulsive self,
lay it on the stone slab for washing,
so that before death surprises you,
you’ll be in the right hands.

Whoever asks you what you believe in,
kiss their hands and feet,
show them the answer.

Yunus, a straight way seems right for you.
Join with Truth now, resurrect with Truth.

Yunus Emre



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