Ramadan Day 6: Contemplation

Peace, one and all…


I wasn’t able to post yesterday’s reading from Ibn Ata’illah.  So, here it is today.

Only the contemplation of His Attribute
can dislodge you from your attribute.

Hikam, 241

Humility is realising our weakness, our poverty, in the face of His strength, His infinite richness and profundity.  We can, and should, strive to be humble, to realise our own human frailty, and yet this always seems to lead us back to Him, as if we were naught but a mirror to reflect His face.  Understanding that every attribute I possess is, in deep reality, His is helpful and liberating.  I experience it as a kind of folding, in which my poverty and His strength move and shift and dance, like waves in the ocean.  Contemplating in this way is very beautiful.

Ask olsun,
Abdur Rahman


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