2 thoughts on “Hossein Alizadeh: Ney Nava and Songs of Compassion

  1. For those who don’t know the music of recently deceased Mohammad Reza Lotfi, you might want to take a listen. Alizadeh spoke at his funeral and at the recently released documentary on the last years of MRL’s life, claiming him to be the greatest inspiration of Persian traditional music in our times. Listening to him live for me that was an understatement: he revealed a spiritual language beyond our senses that we access in the silence and in our hearts, through which he was a majestic conduit.

    A little piece to begin with might be :

    Mohammad Reza Lotfi استاد محمد رضا لطفی…گریه بید.mp4 … on youtube : Lament of the Reed, an expression of Mevlanas after Shams first disappearance………… folk song set in classical style on setar…
    …. or a wealth of others now being posted on youtube etc.

    Enjoy this banquet, catch the moment…. a great offering which acc. to many has now passed its high point with Lotfi’s death.

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