Does Happiness Reflect In Your Face?

Peace, one and all…


Does happiness reflect in your face
from the wine of the true religion?
Where is your generous hand
if you’ve beheld the Ocean of Abundance?
The one who sees the River
doesn’t grudge water to the thirsty,
especially the one who has beheld that Sea
and those mighty Clouds

(Masnavi 6.804-805)



3 thoughts on “Does Happiness Reflect In Your Face?

  1. Thank you Abdur for posting this wonderful poem.
    Happiness refects in our face but above all it displays itself in our soul and spirit when we have been blessed by the author of happiness.

    What a blessing it is to experience, rest, restoration, revival and revitalisation in His river of grace.
    May you, deep searcher for truth, desire daily to experience the love of the Author of righteousness and say “No” daily to withholding help to those whose souls are thirsty for truth!


  2. I agree with you James. It is worth noting that the word ‘face’ in the Quran can also mean ‘essence’. Although this poem was originally written in Farsi, the idea of the face as being deeper than merely our physical, outward form is an integral part of Sufi thinking.

    Yes! May we all become rivers, channels of His grace. May we become fertile fruit trees, giving to all who pass by, in openhanded generosity.

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