Every Good Quality

Peace, one and all…


Friendship is as precious as gold.
Why entrust it to one who will betray it?
Spend time near the One with whom your trusts
are safe from loss or violation.
Be close with the One who created human nature,
the One who nurtured the character of the prophets –
who if given a lamb, will give you back a whole flock of sheep.
Truly, the Sustainer cares for and increases every good quality.

Masnavi 6.1418 – 1421



One thought on “Every Good Quality

  1. Dear Abdur, Thank you for sharing these interesting words.
    I’ve been blessed to discover that friendship is far more precious than gold, for it is an attribute of God’s character!

    A friend, unlike gold, is a living person and a true friend will care for our welfare. My witness is that Jesus is such a true friend!

    Truly those who love God and love and befriend their neighbor do so because they have been blessed by a loving God.

    And truly we exist and are sustained by holy God who is love. Let’s shower Him now and in 2014 with thanksgiving, praise and worship. What a Friend of Friends is He. Truly there is no truer friend than the Giver of Life, our Friend of Friends.

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