When The Trial Comes To An End

Peace, one and all…


Count it a grace that loss comes from the lane of love:
Let go of metaphorical love, the goal is love for the Real.
The warrior gives a wooden sword to his son
so that he may become a champion in battle.
Love for a human being is that sword.
When the trial comes to its end, you will love the All-Merciful

Mevlana, Kulliyat 336-338, trans. W C Chittick


2 thoughts on “When The Trial Comes To An End

  1. Count it all of grace should loss come from the lane of love!

    Often the losses that we suffer are unjust so we will need plenty of reassuring and encouragement from God Himself to fully forgive those who have hurt us so sore.

    Yes. The goal is to be a true lover. If we truly follow Jesus we will find ourself blessed to be a true lover of God and man.

    A wooden sword will not allow us to become a champion in battle but diligently trusting and obeying the word of God will. Dear readers, may we love our all merciful God long before our trials have ceased to roar.

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