And Love Was Our Mother

Peace, one and all…


Love is the path and road of our Prophet.
We were born from love and love was our mother.
O you who are our mother, you are hidden within veils,
Concealed from our disbelieving natures.

Mevlana, Quatrain no. 1470



5 thoughts on “And Love Was Our Mother

  1. One of the great discoveries I have been blessed to be able to make is that the LORD God can bless us with the correct insight that He is the revealer of truth. If we say “Yes” to believing His teachings He reveals His wondrous wisdom to us, yet if we stubbornly cling to disbelieving Him He will conceal His wisdom from us.

    Truly God is love. He is the gracious, generous giver of life who compassionately nurtures us through the ups and downs of life.

  2. How praiseworthy it is to desire to follow the author of love, the giver of life. Such a decision is wise and will always be richly blessed. Any decision that links us to the words of Jesus has the potential to usher in a rich harvest of blessings.

    May you, precious Abdur continue to hear in 2013, with gladness of heart, above all else the wonderful counsel from the giver of life.

    Truly as we resist the self-willed, selfish way of living life we will, on account of God’s grace, become more loving.

    Jesus said, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like to it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

    Truly our Creator is glorified when we, His creation, do this!

    Our home is found is found with the author of love, for He is selfless. May Our amazing God continue to bless you Abdur with many more life-enriching, God-honoring experiences. Truly where He is, is our home!

  3. Dear Abdur and readers, I know of only one person who can awaken man from his spiritual slumber. Graciously He offers each of us His greatest gifts of all which is a new life in Him. He doesn’t set a price which is beyond our reach. In fact He doesn’t set a price at all.

    He says, My creation, I have a gift to offer you. Turn from your sinful ways and return to me and I will reveal Myself to you as Your good shepherd.

    Such is His love for His creation that He can shepherd the worst of sinners home to His house of holiness. Truly He alone has the wisdom to transform man and make him fit for the new life in Him that He offers broken and contrite sinners.

    Precious readers do you know this person? Do you know that Your Creator is this person?

    Let’s pray to the author of purity to eliminate all that is dark and negative in ourself. Truly the greatest gift we have to give to our fellow man is the Creator’s transformation of us.

    May the gracious, good, generous giver of life abundantly bless you.

    What an honor it is to praise Him for the greatest gift of all. Truly He Himself is the greatest gift of all!!

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