Love’s Full Need

Peace, one and all…


When first we opened our eyes,
and the curtain rose
over this strange performance of life,
we rushed out into the world
in child-like wonder
at all that You had caused to be.

As we wandered far from home
we lost our way,
confused by the ever-flowing
tide of our senses,
by every case of mistaken identity,
foisted upon us by our own immaturity.

And as saw our errors slowly unfold,
we each fell into sorrow.
But Your love remained with us always,
like a promise of dawn
in some hour of darkness,
a whispered herald of new life.

How strange it is, Beloved,
the cure lies hidden within the poison.
Only eyes washed clean by tears,
can truly see the light;
only a heart broken open by sorrow
can call out in Love’s full need.



2 thoughts on “Love’s Full Need

  1. May you be continue to be blessed with this enchanted pen Abdur Rahman. Your poetry resonates with sincerity, and lights up the heart with every reading.

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