Father Thomas Keating: Oneness & The Heart of the World

Peace, one and all…


A fascinating lecture on Oneness by Father Thomas Keating.


2 thoughts on “Father Thomas Keating: Oneness & The Heart of the World

  1. Yes I love this and in fact I find Thomas Keating wonderfully inspirational all round. I have this post on my blog too. His video Catching God is hilarious…thats on mine too…and you can easily find it on You Tube. In that one, he giggles and is so infectiously mischevious it is delightful. Thanks for reminding us of this wonderful man.

  2. I’ll check it out. What I really admire in Father Keating and Thomas Merton is that palpable sense of love, not in an abstract, impersonal sense, but in a direct, living manner. I also admire their openness to other faith traditions. My own strong sense of things is that the time when we could all stay within our traditional comfort zones has long since passed. Today is a new day, with its own unique spiritual demands, challenges and opportunities.

    Beloved, may we all be aware of the times in which we live. May we all rise to meet this age bravely and with trust in the unfolding of the Divine plan.

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