Love is the Imam

Peace, one and all…


For us, love is the imam; the heart is the Congregation.
Our qible is the face of the Beloved;
our prayer is continuous.

Upon seeing the Beloved’s face, polytheism was taken away.
That’s why the Holy Law was left at the door.

The heart prostrates itself in the mihrab of the Beloved.
It strikes its head upon the ground
and supplicates God.

There is no ‘time’ like the silent and fervant prayers there.
Whoever is with the Beloved;
that moment is halvet.

The Holy Law says, ‘Be sure you don’t neglect
the sitpulations of the Holy Law.’
But stipulations are for that person who is perfidious.

The breath of those who achieved mystical knowledge
is a fortunate symbol.
With it we became secure from trouble.

At that first time in time, we said, ‘Yes’.
It is still one moment,
from that time to this hour.

Five of us assembled together,
we arrived at one time;
making five one, who will worship

We do not oppose anyone’s religion;
when religion is complete,
love is true.

He who guards Truth at the Beloved’s door,
without doubt
will find divine fortune.

At that door Yunus is the lowest of servants;
this honour of service has lasted
from Eternity without Beginning to Eternity without End.

Yunus Emre, trans. Grace Martin Smith


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