Peace, one and all…


If you have reached greatness, what is form to you?
If you have found a path to the spiritual realm,
what is this world to you?

Give up this world; come and enter the fire of love.
Reach the stage ahead;
what is this remaining behind of yours?

This body’s property is not just fire and water and earth.
Each one of these returns to its source;
what is this heedlessness of yours?

Idol-temple and wine shop become a mosque to the true soul.
Not one coin of yours will be wasted;
what is this lying to you?

Since you are strong enough to go to the Hereafter,
leave aside the false pretension of this world.
If you are a lover, what is this love of goods and treasures to you?

If you gather goods saying, ‘They are mine,’
do you have pretensions of being God?
The King will not look at your crime;
what is this being lost on the way to you?

Night and day you suffer worries; ‘What should I do? I am a miserable wretch,’ you say.
He is generous; He gives you your daily bread;
what is this worry to you?

Unfortunate one, eat, feed others; if food is lacking, God will provide.
One day your body will enter the earth;
that which is left behind – what is it to you?

Yunus, you have become very drunk from this goblet of love.
While you lost consciousness of self, you reached God;
what is sobriety to you?

Yunus Emre, translated by G.S. Smith