For Water is Sweet When it Flows

Peace, one and all…

‘Travel, for water is sweet when it flows, and when it settles, it stagnates’

Bishr al-Hafi, as quoted in Attar’s Memorials of the Saints


3 thoughts on “For Water is Sweet When it Flows

  1. Flowing pure water tastes sweet in our mouth: God’s pure flowing word tastes sweet to all who desire wholeheartedly to reverence his name.

    Treasured readers, truly holy God is continually encouraging and inspiring us to desire to become more God-reliant. Be encouraged, for saying a wholehearted “Yes” to being more God-reliant is like taking the first step to being rewarded by gracious generous God with a more flowing, sweet steadfast love.

    Precious readers, can you relate to the deep pain and brokenness, on account of an acute awareness of the sin, in the life of a man or woman in search of truth? Can you relate to their deep yearning for a right relationship with their creator? Can you relate to their steep challenge not to be self-reliant at the expense of being God-reliant? If you can that is wonderful present for you.

    Precious friends, may Almighty God continue to bless, inspire and empower you to accomplish noble deeds to his glory.

  2. Treasuring God more and more results in us being blessed with an understanding that our life is meaningful and that it has enduring value.

    Precious readers, no matter how many times your dreams have been crushed by a tank called I am a dream crusher, don’t be tempted to walk along a collapsing bridge called Hope sucks even if you think that your eyes can see collapsing bridges all around you.

    Precious readers, holy God knows that your soul is causing you pain; so decide in your heart and mind to be still and soak your soul daily in the cleansing, refreshing and reinvigorating water of God’s word .

    Precious readers, we must stop saying there is no real road or path back from life’s setbacks. We must start saying that we can, with God’s grace, bushwhack our way through the tall grass of life’s tough tumbles.

    Lord God, we seek your blessing so that we can come to the conclusion that we can only figure out so much on our own.

    Suffering student of life, you act often as if love is an elusive concept to you. I can witness boldly that only a God of clarity can give us clear answers to our deepest questions.

    Suffering student of life, don’t be afraid of falling in love.
    Don’t be afraid of having a lot to lose and a lot to gain; for God’s word to us all is be anxious for nothing.

    Be encouraged, sincere student of life; for God knows how to put our shatteredgain expectations, hopes and dreams back together.

    My encouragement to you is that as you treasure God more and more He will reveal to you that you have an absorbingly interesting future to look forward to. As you treasure your wonderful, supportive God more and more He will reveal to you that you
    are a unique person.

    Tell your Shepherd God in your prayer life that you want to take his gift of the holy Bible more seriously. Tell him that you understand now that the best way to minimize the potential for disappointment is not by expecting nothing good to come your way.

    Tell God that this way of foolish talking is the very opposite of God’s will; because you now understand that God plants seeds of expectancy in our heart and wants us to trust Him to water them.

    Thank You, glorious God for soon restoring hope in our heart for everything that you desire for us to treasure; so that our future walk with you will bring phenomenal joy to you, to us and all who get to know us in our increasingly meaningful life. Amen.

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