Meister Eckhart: Counsels on Discernment 5

Peace, one and all…

In his fifth counsel, Meister Eckhart focuses on exploring the ground of our being.

Counsel 5: See what can make our being and our ground good

A man’s being and ground – from which his works derive their goodness – is good when his intention is wholly directed to God.  Set all your care on that, that God become great within you, and that all your zeal and effort in everything you do and in everything you renounce be directed to God.  Truly, the more you do this in all your works, whatever they are, the better they are.  Cleave to God, and He will endow your with all goodness.  Seek God, and you will find God and every good thing as well.  Yes, truly, with such an attitude you could tread upon a stone, and that would be a more godly thing for you to do than for you to receive the Body of our Lord, if you were thinking more of yourself with less detachment.  If we cling to God, then God and all virtues cling to us.  And what once you were seeking now seeks you; what once you hunted after now hunts you, and what you once wished to shun now avoids you.  Therefore to him who clings greatly to God, everything clings that is godly, and from him everything takes flight that is unlike God and alien to Him.


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