The Jesus of Your Spirit

Peace, one and all…

‘It is pain that guides a man in every enterprise. Until there is an ache within him, a passion and a yearning for that thing arising within him, he will never strive to attain it. Without pain that thing remains for him unprocurable, whether it be success in this world or salvation in the next, whether he aims at being a merchant or a king, a scientist or an astronomer. it was not until the pains of parturition manifested in her that Mary made for the tree:

‘And the birthpangs surprised her by the trunk of the palm-tree’ (Quran 19:23)

Those pangs brought her to the tree, and the tree which was withered became fruitful.

The body is like Mary. Every one of us has a Jesus within him, but until the pangs manifest in us our Jesus is not born. If the pangs never come, then Jesus rejoins his origin by the same secret path by which he came, leaving us bereft and without portion of him.

‘The soul within you is needy, the flesh without is well fed:
The devil gorges to spewing, Jamshid lacks even for bread.
See now to the cure of your soul while Jesus is yet on earth;
When Jesus returns to heaven all hope of your cure will have fled’
(A Quatrain by Rumi himself)

Taken from Fihi Ma Fihi, translated as Discourses by A J Arberry


One thought on “The Jesus of Your Spirit

  1. Thanks Abdur for posting your always interesting and thought provoking articles. My yearning is to be guided by the author of truth.

    Truly the spirit of Jesus dwells with those he chooses to dwell with. Because Jesus is love it is his love that guides and motivates redeemed man. Truly redeemed man has much to celebrate because Jesus’ role in their life wasn’t diminished but enlarged, to the glory of God, when he returned to heaven.

    May God bless you Abdur and all your readers with an even deeper love for the words of Jesus.

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