Meister Eckhart on the Will

Peace, one and all…

More on the will from Meister Eckhart:

‘It is good when our will becomes God’s will, but it is far better when God’s will becomes our will.  When your will becomes God’s will and you fall ill, then you would not want to become well again against God’s will, but you wish that it should be God’s will for you to become well again.  And when things are going badly then you wish it might be God’s will for things to improve.  On the other hand, if God’s will becomes your will and you fall ill – so be it!  If your friend dies – so be it!  God’s will be done!’ (On Detachment, 91 f.)

‘A free mind is one which is not deceived by anything and is not bound to anything, it is one which has not bound its best part to any specific manner of devotion and which does not seek itself in anything, living rather in God’s will and stripped of itself’ (On Detachment, 190)


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