Kabir Dede on the Will

Peace, one and all…

In a recent post, we saw Meister Eckhart speak forcefully of the will.  Mevlevi tradition has a similar focus on the will (irada).  As a starting point for further discussion, let’s explore Kabir Dede’s definition:

‘The ability to act consciously; the faculty of conscious choice; a power of the soul by which we can direct our thoughts, actions, and, eventually, even our feelings.  Will is directly connected with Spirit.  It is a unique attribute of the human being, because no other creature, as far as we know, has this degree of conscious choice.  Will enables us to rise above personal desire and egoistic satisfactions.

Human will is derived from the divine will as the image in a mirror is a reflection of the source of that image.  Human will is a dim reflection of the divine will.  The human being, then, is the mirror of God’s will.  As we develop spiritually we begin to see how our own will is related to the Will of the Divine …

Will develops as we make conscious choices and bring those conscious choices and decisions to completion.  In other words, our fulfilling of our responsibilities develops our will; whereas every uncompleted decision drains us of will.  Will is a capacity that we must continually preserve and maintain, if we are to be fully human’.  The Book of Language, pp. 145-146

Ask olsun,
Abdur Rahman

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